Current Marketing for Businesses with StreetAway

The key to success for every business is visibility to the right audience. Whilst many businesses offer great products that customers would love to purchase, they fail to succeed in the market, usually as they advertise to the wrong audience or are not sufficiently visible to the right audience. StreetAway provides an opportunity for restaurants, bars, and entertainment hotspots to reach the right customers with their offers and discounts. The app offers personalised suggestions to the customer for any of the areas mentioned above, putting their preferences first. The users have the opportunity completely customise their search according to their preferences, budgets and tastes, making StreetAway more efficient and simple to use.

The Audience is Looking for Your Services

A major advantage of advertising with StreetAway is that the users are looking for products that you sell, they aren’t being bombarded with unwanted flyers and leaflets. If the customer is already searching for a deal you can offer, then the half of the work is done for you, this means higher conversions for every pound invested in the marketing program. Do you have specials, great discounts or other seasonal offers? Then reach the right audience with the StreetAway app.

It Is Local

StreetAway gives you the power of local marketing. You realise that over eighty per cent of your clients come from within your local city, town or region near your business, this is also the easiest group of people to convert into clients as they can casually travel to your store and see what you have to offer. The app gives users a list of eateries, entertainment hotspots and leisure activities in their location, be part of that list. Moreover, it groups the leisure spots as per their offers, discounts, and location. There is no easier method to attract near-by customers than StreetAway.

The Power of Mobile Advertising

Over 90 per cent of all people use their phones to check for services and products online, StreetAway goes a step further. Once the users install it on their phones, you then have a clear opportunity to market your products to them without feeling intrusive. Most people want to avoid any unnecessary, random or annoying advertisements and StreetAway will allow you to avoid this, in addition, the fact that StreetAway is an app and can be easily saved on a mobile device, means there is no endless heaps of flyers, posters, vouchers etc. Everything is online.

Take advantage of mobile advertising for increased coverage of your brand. Have you partnered with the StreetAway app? If not, your competitors may be doing so and perhaps have an advantage over you. Reach the market with StreetAway, it is the most advanced app that allows businesses to completely customise deals, advertise instantly and receive payment all at the simple click of a button.


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