Do More With StreetAway!

Do more with StreetAway!

StreetAway app provides new opportunities for customers. You can seek tailored suggestions for restaurants, entertainment, bars and activities. Businesses who are looking for opportunities to sell their goods and services can use the app to improve their marketing and reach a wide local audience. The mobile app enables customers to get offers and promotions for any services right on their mobile phone. Here are is how you can make most of your leisure time with StreetAway.

Explore offers in your area

Everyone is looking to maximise the enjoyment they get from every pound they spend. With StreetAway, you get to explore your locality for some of the best places to have fun and wine and dine, straight from your mobile phone. The app suggests businesses and is tailored to your preferences.

Save more

The app features a LIVE discount system in collaboration with the local businesses. This feature helps you get discounted offers in real time when announced by the business. You can save more and enjoy the very best by taking advantage of the seasonal discounts every time you use the app.

Discover local businesses

Discover more local businesses, more eateries, and more entertainment with the new app. You will be amazed at the sheer number of businesses that you did not know about before. StreetAway app developers have taken lots of time and moved around towns and cities to get as many businesses as they could find. You now have more choice and can get new experiences in your locality.

Cuts down the hassle

Each of us enjoys the convenience of having everything at the touch of a button. StreetAway delivers just that- the convenience to find favourite businesses from the comfort of your seat. You do not have to move around shopping for the best leisure locations in town. Everything is right there with you on the phone.

StreetAway app is easy to install, configure your preferences and use. It has a friendly interface that allows you to get whatever feature you want to use with ease. You can also personalise the app to show you the businesses that you may need from time to time or just your all-time favourites.

Businesses that promote good offers have the chance of meeting their clients and tailoring services for them. As StreetAway is used more and more, it is expected that hundreds of businesses will join the app and reach a huge user base with the app. At the end of the day, both the customer and the business benefit by using StreetAway.


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