Customer Deal Hunting Habits

Each online shopper is unique in one way or another, there are people that look for products with a specific brand in mind, some search for different offers before choosing one, whilst others just want to kill time browsing online. Regardless of which, all of these groups are important to the business, therefore, it is in the best interest of each business to find ways of reaching out to them with a wide range of promotions and products.

Bargain Hunters

Bargain hunters typically look for the best deal. Of course the shoppers are attracted to the product itself, however, the idea that they are getting good value for money is just as important. Whilst good quality is a factor, bargain hunters will usually be reasonable and settle for a lower quality service or product as they are paying less for it anyway.

Customers can locate deals by simply looking at the listed price of a product from elsewhere and match it with the offer they are considering. It is important for the business to display its offers clearly for the visitors to see in order to become distinct from competition – it doesn’t matter how a good a deal is if nobody can find it.

Assuming they were happy with their purchase, most customers will come back for other deals, potentially encouraging friends to also take advantage of the offers available. This is essentially free advertisement and will help to increase the popularity of the business. Moreover, many of them will take time on the website, browsing for any other promotions that interest them, this may lead to them signing up to newsletters and notifications, where they are guaranteed to see any offer. Apps are also a fantastic way to receive offers and discounts as they can be viewed on the go, when shoppers are already out on the streets ready to purchase. Simple notifications and alerts will show the customer instantly that there are offers available for them to purchase.

Product Focused

These customers already know what they want. Typically, more interested in quality and a guarantee that they are getting what they pay for, these customers have usually bought the product before and know that it is good for them. Product focused customers do not usually browse through a businesses website aimlessly scrolling through each category, they need to find what they want quickly with minimal hassle. Customers may still look for the best deal available for their chosen product, however, unlike the bargain hunter they will settle for paying slightly more as they trust they will receive a higher quality service or product.

In order to capture all clients, businesses should include images and descriptions of their various promotions and offers, as most customers like to see what it is they are spending their money on, would you seriously buy something you could not see beforehand?

Not only does this display professionalism, it shows the customer that the business is knowledgeable about what they are offering and that their offer is legit.

Offering the best deal in the market is the simplest strategy to attract several customers who are looking for value online, if customers know they can receive great offers from your business then of course they will use your service before alternatives. Once they have used your service and know first-hand that it is worth paying for, the likelihood of more customers also using the service increases allowing the business to make more sales.

StreetAway provides food, entertainment and leisure businesses the best tools to capture either of these two deal hunting habits. It allows businesses to offer excellent deals, completely tailored to suit both the customer and the business itself, in addition, provides users with images, general details and reviews about their promotions. It integrates a section designed to offer users the best deals of the day, hopefully attracting more customers with both lower prices or based on the user’s preferences.


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