What Newcastle has to offer

Have you ever travelled to a new town or city and had absolutely no idea where the nice bars and restaurants were? Just a few take-away’s and one dodgy looking pub that hates absolutely anyone who isn’t local, or when your best friends insist on coming up for the weekend, kindly giving you the role of events organiser where you suddenly find yourself searching ‘top 10 things to do…’ suggesting day trips and city tours that you just know your friends won’t be up for. However, being the amazing person that you are, you deal with it right? Well now, thanks to StreetAway, there’s an easier way to find out what Newcastle has to offer.

StreetAway is a new app that does all of the work for you. It uses your exact location to show you the closest restaurants, bars, spas and a whole list of other activities, essentially saving you from endlessly browsing the web, having no clue where to even begin. We have an easy way for you to explore your area, and finding what Newcastle has to offer. The app starts by displaying eight sections with each one offering you different promotions and discounts from the businesses within that section, if you click into restaurants you will be shown all of the restaurants within a 1.2-mile radius and the various deals they are offering exclusively through StreetAway, so when you think about it, you’d be receiving great offers whilst the person next you who isn’t using StreetAway would be missing out. In regards to the eight sections included, they are as follows, restaurants, bars, sports & activities, entertainment, health & beauty, retail, travel and professional services, giving you a wide variety of things to do.

Just to try and give you an image of how StreetAway could benefit you, let’s say it’s Friday afternoon and you and your friends have just arrived in Newcastle for an amazing weekend away. Let’s be realistic… It’s probably raining, you’re stood outside Central station, in the cold, waiting for a taxi, you finally make it to your hotel room cold, hungry and in desperate need of alcohol and you need to decide where to go… But how do you choose from the endless amount of restaurants, café’s and bars scattered throughout the city? Do you go for a coffee and slice of cake before getting ready and then hitting the bars? Or has the week been far too much for you and the nearest cocktail bar is required right away with 2-4-1 offers, happy hour and the chance to finally get the weekend started! Not to mention you as an ‘outsider’ have not the slightest idea of where the nice places are. Regardless of what you are looking for, not only will StreetAway offer it to you in the simplest way possible it will also be at a price you love, which personally, I’m never going to argue with.

There’s something for everyone with StreetAway, whether it’s friends looking to have a spot of lunch or a family wanting to spend their Saturday doing something fun outside with the kids, the possibilities are only as limited as you want them to be. We are hoping to take Newcastle and the rest of the country by storm after we launch in September, so why not be a part of our app? You have nothing to lose, it’s free to download, no subscriptions, no joining fees just simply download StreetAway and start exploring! It even shows deals best suited to you by using your previous searches as a guide as to what you like.



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