Night out on the razzle dazzle in Newcaslte

We all know walking in to a new job can be stressful … Will your colleagues be nice to you? Does your boss expect you to know the company from head to toe in a matter of days? And most importantly will you perform the job well? These are all questions I asked myself before I started at StreetAway and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that it’s turned out to be the friendliest company I’ve ever worked for! (Not just saying this to keep my job or anything!)

During my first three months at StreetAway, I have already noticed some of the perks you get when you work for a start-up. First of all the amount of freedom you are given is incomparable to the restrained corporate world we love to hate, no hierarchies, no cutthroat atmosphere and certainly no cliques that remind you of when you were 14 years old on the school playground. Here, I know that my opinion is heard and that it counts for something, also being given some responsibility makes me feel as though I am trusted and capable of doing my job well. The third thing I have noticed and ultimately what this blog will be focusing on is the emphasis on being a team inside and outside of the office.

Whilst I was reviewing what Restaurant Week had to offer it came across me as a good idea to have a team night out where we could all hang out and relax after a hard weeks work and of course to enjoy some of Newcastle’s finest food and save a bit of money in the process … The boss kindly agreed and we decided on Aveika Restaurant, which offers contemporary Japanese dining with a twist, reworking classic Japanese dishes with their own innovation. Fully equipped with restaurant, bar and a dance floor, in addition, Aveika’s own Mezzanine Balcony that offers customers the chance to enjoy their evening in a private booth overlooking the dance floor, it certainly proved to be an excellent choice. As an additional treat we also got to meet StreetAway’s second co-founder Rob, who we knew only in Skype form being all the way up in Glasgow! He made the trip and hopefully we have given him a glimpse of the amazing city he will soon be living in!

After being kindly greeted and escorted to our booth, we were instantly fussed over by the staff, which is never a bad thing I suppose! We were able to sit and read through the delicious looking menu on offer. Everything looked amazing, I personally went for the ginger & lime chicken as an appetiser and the beef & coriander robata served with pickled vegetables and steamed rice for the main, which was out of this world. It is safe to say that I will definitely be returning. The service was tremendous, we were frequently asked if everything was suffice and the staff didn’t think twice to fetch us anything from the bar.
With the slick illuminated lights throughout the restaurant and up beat club music, Aveika oozes with modern class and is sure to be a hit with anyone looking to dine in style. For dessert the dark and white chocolate torte was an obvious one for me, it was rich and served with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream making the entire three course meal five star, not to mention the fact it cost just 15 pounds.

Once we had finished our meals, a few drinks were in order to seal off the night in proper fashion. The Glass House and Hudson were seen to and as ever hosted a great night; plenty of people were around, great music and even better wine made it a perfect way to end the night.

All in all it was an amazing time, we got to enjoy some delicious food and have a good knees up afterwards … and what better place to do it than in Newcastle! If you’re looking for a sophisticated and fun night in Newcastle then you can’t go wrong with these venues … the first ever StreetAway night was smashing and here’s to the second!


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