StreetAway's new generation of products bring digital efficiency and improved business management to any size of business.

StreetAway Dual-screen Terminal

Your integrated POS solution in a sleek, modern unit.

Combines all the promotion creation and management with everyday business process fully digitised, giving staff and customers a seamlessly easy experience.

  • Create offers
  • Take reservations
  • Advertise products
  • Take digital payments or connect with cash register
  • Manage your business processes all in one integrated and intuitive system.

StreetAway Handheld Assistant

A neat, efficient way to take customer orders and payments. Links with the StreetAway terminal.

Comes with the StreetAway software built in, allowing you to take customer orders, send bills and even manage your promotions.

The StreetAway Handheld Assistant synchronises seamlessly with the Dual-screen terminal, meaning all orders taken will appear through the main terminal, ready for the customer to pay.


Product Main Features


We are creating the first fully integrated business system, comprising reservations, orders, payments, marketing and promotions, menu management and more, all in one intuitive digital system.

Easy Payments

Send bills to customers and take payments using the StreetAway software on either the handheld assistant or the dual-screen terminal.

Visual Menu

A picture is worth a thousand words. See all your products laid out in a visually pleasing design, giving staff and customers a better overall experience.

Easy Promotion Management

Push promotions to nearby potential customers, bringing them in at off-peak times, filling empty seats and saving wasted stock and resources.

Simplified Customer Orders

Using the new devices with the built-in StreetAway application means that the entire customer experience, from booking/reserving to payment are all taken care off in one step-by-step process.

Intelligent data gathering

Our next stage of development will give you access to data on a scale never before seen. Find out who the potential customers are around your venue and tailor promotions to them for optimum engagement.

Special features

Be one of the first to trial StreetAway's new products

As part of our next stage of development we are giving select businesses the opportunity to use our new system for free. It is built to an incredibly high technical specification. Some of many features are as follows:

Touch Screen

Fast and responsive
multi-touch screen

Operating System

Android 7.1
StreetAway System




Built-in high speed 80 thermal printer
With automatic cutter
Print speed 200 m/s
Supports paper roll with 80 mm OD

New collection

We are launching the future with StreetAway

With our new hardware and software combination for local businesses we aim to streamline the business-customer experience and increase profitability for all.


The Dual-screen Terminal has a staff-facing and customer-facing display for a fully digitised experience and allows ads to be displayed on the front screen at times when it is inactive.

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The handheld assistant pairs automatically with the terminal and can take orders, send bills and manage promotions. A must-have handy accessory for staff.

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The QR scanner is a small piece of equipment which allows customers to scan their personal QR code to redeem vouchers and even pay bills.

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The Tower is our largest unit, and is ideally suited for businesses who want to implement self ordering and display conspicuous advertisements for additional revenue.

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